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  • Who has taken IAHSS Certification

    I'm Starting a new career in hospital security, after 11 years in corporate security. I'm wondering about the type of question's. I've been in healthcare in the past,EMT,surgery etc..


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    I've taken the Basic, We've discussed this in the past. Most of the questions are pretty common sense, with some that get into healthcare specific.
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      I have taken all of them and certified. The basic is the toughest of them all and it's really common sense if you know anything about Healthcare security.

      Im sure you'll do fine.
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        I'll be ordering the basic manual today or tommorow to get my certification As discussed in the other thread, this cert. can also be useful for other aspects of the security industry, not just hospitals, that's why i'm taking it.
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          IAHSS will no longer have the "safety" test after 01/01/08.

          They will however, still have the basic, advanced and the supervisory tests.
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