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    Sorry that should've read as bladed stance (singular not collective)

    The model of tuition has moved away from ensuring the smallest portion of your body facing a potential opponent (bladed) to a 'fully front on' (open) stance as it's perceived as less aggressive (and CCTV friendly)

    Recent changes in regulation of SO/CC certification/training & upgrades (Cert II -> III) should help alleviate the industry of those 'roided-up meatheads, though undoubtedly some will slip through toning down their attitudes & big mouths long enough to give the training organisation (and RTO's) their 'best party face'

    BTW 'how-green-was-my-cactus' do a wonderful rendition of Pauline (as well as other political celebrities) ROTFLMAO
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      Ahhhhhhh I see - we were taught it as as BFF - or "Best Foot Forward" giving the smallest target for attack and have room to move and deflect any attack. Yeah you are right with the recent changes that some meatheads will slip through the industry but with more and more licences being rejected, there has to be some sort of change for the good with the industry. However with the "head wobblers" happy to work 15 hour shifts on a flat $10.00 US / hr the good will leave and the crap will stay longer.
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        Returning to the theme of de-escalation, it should be noted that the premise is usually a situation that is already underway. Unlike the doorman/bouncer who strikes a menacing pose at the front of a business, de-escalation is a way of calming or diffusing a situation rather than reacting to an aggressive action. MOAB and similar courses often involve low-level force responses and of course, are considered safer for the officer involved. There is also a corporate liability consideration. The Verbal Judo type models also offer a partial solution to de-escalating some of these confrontations before they get out of control. More desirable would be a combination of skills which also involve reading body language and a strong awareness level. There are few programs that address all three areas and most of us in the training arenas can attest to the fact that experience and maturity play a very important role.

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          I can't see the "bladed stance", i.e. one foot back and a slight turn to the side - in and of itself - as being in any way confrontational. Nor do I think an officer needs to be concerning himself with "proper" positioning for CCTV cameras. Certainly, camera identification is not an issue where the officer is concerned, and cameras could be anywhere in many facilities. The officer's sole focus should be the subject he is dealing with and/or any other "players" in the immediate vicinity...not camera angles! Perhaps we should have him drop by Makeup and Props before he engages the subject(s)? What about audio...have him do a voice check, maybe? "1 - 2 - 3 - testing...mee-mee-mee-mee-meeee...1 - 2 - 3...."

          To me, it is the whole sequence of approach and engagement (demeanor, including what the officer says, and how he says it, personal space invasion, etc.), that either is or is not "confrontational". Some might consider the "frontal" approach even more confrontational than the bladed stance, in fact. I teach the bladed stance, and variants including the buffer zone that can be created by a clipboard held with the "weak" hand toward the subject, etc., and will continue to do so. I also teach techniques/exercises to lessen the differentiation between "weak" hand and "strong" hand. Ideally, there should be no such thing.
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