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  • Hapkido or BJJ

    So I've been thinking of starting some martial arts training. I wrestled for 7 years, but that was a long time ago. I looked at gyms close to me and I've found a Hapkido and a BJJ gym close enough to home and work. Hapkido has been considered the "Gentle Art" and isn't usually practiced or competed at full speed because of its debilitating effects (according to my internet studies) I would assume that this actually would be a pretty effective art. BJJ, I've heard can be practiced at full speed and can be learned pretty easily. I think both of these would be good for now and whatever my career will be in the future. What one would you choose?

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    Both systems have strong points to them. Brazilian Jujitsu is a system that emphasizes groundfighting and fluidity between hand positions while in the clinch or on the ground. Hapkido uses relaxed "gentle" grappling similar to aikido, but you may have to practice for a long time to make the moves effective for you. Hapkido also uses hard striking and kicking, from what I've heard. Ground grappling is great for when you have a single opponent, but it will certainly get you in trouble when confronted by multiple assailants. Regardless of which system you decide to employ, make sure it is 100% practical for what you need. Criticize the class yourself before making a dedication.
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      Self defense

      You might want to check out Krav Maga. It is effective, easy to learn, and provides great exercise. I studied it for some time and found it rewarding.
      There are instructors certified from Israel (like the one I went to) and ones that are certified through the Krav Maga Association of America. Check out the KMAA
      website at for more information. I believe that there are training sites in Wisconsin.

      Take care.


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        Krav Maga

        I actually checked out a Krav Maga school in Racine, but the classes are only given from 6-7 at night and since I work nights that pretty much puts me out of the running. From what I've read, Krav does seem to be a very practical and capable art, susposedly it was developed so everyone in the IDF, from the age 18-50 could perform the actions. I'll have to keep on eye on the gym and see if they start offering day classes. Thanks