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Clave as Self-Defense Weapon

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  • Clave as Self-Defense Weapon

    I had an opportunity to receive personalized training in the use of this truly devastating weapon several years ago and have carried it frequently since then. The clave is a very hard wooden percussion stick you hear all the time in Latin music, usually used in pairs and struck together to make a distinctive rhythm sound. The clave (pronounced "clah-vay") is about the same diameter as a typical baton, but only about 7" or so long. Attached to a lanyard properly fitted to your hand, though, it has an effective range of your arm plus about 17". It can be swung (and it's truly vicious when swung) or it can be held snugly in the hand as a "hammer", and is very effective as a nerve pressure-point tool.

    If it were painted white, it would remind me of those vicious little batons that the French police carry (or used to carry, anyway).

    With a rather small amount of training, you can learn to hold it in your hand and with simple wrist maneuvers change it from hanging down all the way out to the end of the lanyard or flipped up into the closed-hand position with complete control (the lanyard is wrapped tightly around the back of your hand in this position). Determining the proper length of the lanyard to fit your own hand is the key to doing this.

    Anyway, someone put me on to the fact that there was a commercial product out including an instructional video. I've looked at the website, and sure enough, it's the very same thing, although they are claiming this is a "new" weapon. They are also claiming that it is "carry-legal", but I know for a fact you can't carry it onto airplanes (they don't allow "impact" weapons, of course).

    If anyone purchases this, I'd be interested in hearing what you think about it. Incidentally, the page here talks about "two tapes", but I'm pretty sure it's actually one instructional DVD.

    Here's the link: Clave and Video
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