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  • Honest opinions about IFPO

    I let my membership lapse with the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). I've always had a mixed opinion of them. On the plus side, they seem to be more oriented to the rank and file security officer, as opposed to ASIS, which clearly is more for security directors and specialized corporate security. I think IFPO has improved over the years, and they even have some special agreements with ASIS for transfer of training credits.

    That having been said, their newsletter and some of their other materials seem a bit low grade. I realize in 2023 you have a lot of employees that probably read at an eighth grade level or below, but some of their stuff seems a bit too obvious - lots of "padding" to fill pages, IMHO.

    I think it looks good on a resume to have some kind of professional membership - I'm just wondering if IFPO is worth it. (My current employer had never even heard of them before I got the job.)