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Bank Security procedures during Coronavirus?

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  • Bank Security procedures during Coronavirus?

    The bank I'm at currently has front doors closed and customers go through Drive-thru for all business. The only clients that can come in are those with safe deposit boxes. I wipe down ATM, Night drop and Drive-thru terminals regularly during foot patrol.

    We're getting occasional scammers trying to open accounts however, their activity has been less than usual. I guess they don't care for using the Drive-thru. The Bank Representatives feel better about that. I expect that activity from scammers and their like will go up once we re-open.

    We're working on a plan for when we let clients back into the lobby. We're going to have shields on desks, 6 foot spacing, sanitizer and all will be wearing masks. We'll only be letting in a few people at a time. One of the options is conducting temperature checks which I may be doing. I'm not comfortable with that because the officer conducting temp check is normally doing so with dominant hand leaving holster side more vulnerable. I may have to adjust to non-dominant hand for temp checks. Having to focus on use of non-dominant hand use could be distracting.

    How are you interacting with clients during Coronavirus?

    What are the most effective procedures you currently have in place?

    Are their any particular things you're doing to keep would-be robbers and scammers away?

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    We've seen a real uptick in burglaries in the area & "grab & go" thefts from the stores that are open. High visibility and extra patrols when we can to deter both. Masks and gloves are optional, but I wear both when I'm in busy areas (the restaurants are clustered in one area, and they're open for take out), or interacting with the homeless.

    I've only had one Karen complain about social distancing. Most people do it on their own, but on a sunny day people will grab any available table or chair to sit down on, regardless of the 6' rule. We really don't have the time or the staff to enforce it.

    I don't like the idea of the guard doing the temperature checks, especially at a bank. One of the bank employees should be doing that, in my opinion.