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Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Certification

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  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Certification

    There is a job open right now that interests me. Among other things, they mention Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Certification. I have never taken any training like. For those that have, how helpful is this training likely to be? Is it a certification that is commonly sought in either public or private sector? Is the National Institute of Crime Prevention the only organization that grants this certification? I assume that there is no on-line equivalent offered anywhere. There is a week long class offered not far from me next year, but I am reluctant to spend that kind of money and time and then find out that the certification is worthless. How would it compare, for example, to the ASIS certification? Are the equally recognized?

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    ASIS is internationally recognized. It’s an area you need good training in as it’s not just some you can bs through.


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      Thank you for the reply. I did apply for the opening earlier today, even though I don't have the CPTED certification.

      I have all of the minimum qualifications, which are a BA/BS in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement, five years experience security of public safety (I have way more than that), supervisory experience (it doesn't state how many years), emergency management certification, drivers license, etc.

      I have most of the preferred qualifications, which are MA/MS in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement, knowledge of FERPA/FEMA/Clery Act, work experience in a college/university environment (it doesn't state how many years of that, either), certified EMR/First Responder and knowledge of state and federal civil and criminal laws.

      The big gap in my preferred qualifications is the lack of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Certification. There is a week long CPTED course five months from now not that far away. Obviously, the employer will have selected someone for the job I just applied to by then. If I get that job, I would likely ask them to send me to CPTED. They must feel it is important or it would not have been listed in the announcement. If I am still looking for a better job when it gets closer to the course date, I will revisit the topic.

      The position is actually assigned to two campuses and I live about halfway between the two of them! The one is north of me less than 8 miles and less than a 15 minute drive. The other is south of me less than 5 miles and about an 8 minute drive. I have worked off-duty at both of them when I was still a deputy sheriff, so I have some familiarity with the layout of both campuses. If I were to get an interview, I would probably mention my proximity to both campuses. It does mention "capable of responding to 24 hour/day emergency on-call status", so living close by might be a selling point.

      We are close to the end of the semester for both, so I might just tour both campuses again. I might even take a scheduled campus tour, too. One other thing that I have found to be interesting in the past is tuning in to their radio communications. A lot of colleges and universities near me have gone digital and are using either MOTO TRBO (DMR) or NXDN (NEXEDGE). It is sometimes surprising what you can hear on the various channels, if you just pay attention and listen closely!


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        You might have a good shot. You can always tell them that you had planned to attend this course already...