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    I'm curious... Who here has gone through the IFPO CPO program? If you have, what are your overall thoughts on it?
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    Study-Study-Study the Protection Officer Training Manual Seventh Edition
    I am doing that in my off hours.
    I too want to hear from others who have gone this route
    300-plus True and False Questions

    I believe this the best Course Greatest Comedy team ever!


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      Got my CPO back in 98. Became a CPOI in 06. More than worth it. I try to get all my Site Supervisors and Field Sups to take the course.


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        IFPO Certification

        I highly recommend the program. The CPO program is making inroads across the nation, slowly but surely. I completed the CPO in 1998 and am gearing up for the finals for the SSMP course to become a Certified Security Supervisor.

        I have recommended this course to several others both locally and across the country.

        Anything that YOU can do to improve your professionalism is a plus. If you sit back and wait for your employers to "gift" or "mandate" these sort of programs then it just becomes another course.



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          The CPO program is well worth the effort needed, of course, look at your own needs and where you are going over the next few years, to see if it is right for your situation.

          It has been updated since I took it in 91 and covers more subjects but the price is still good. Copelandamuffy is right, study well.

          Does anyone think a program like that should be basic training for many security posts? Of course, it would be next to impossible for all States / Provinces to agree....let alone training facilities everywhere.
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            Yes... study, study, study! I just got my CPO in Sept. '06.

            305 pages of text to learn, 328 questions on the test; One good thing IMO, is the test is all true or false and multiple choice, not like in school were some questions required a paragraph or short essay for an answer. There are a few rather dry areas in the book I thought, but it is all necessary to learn for the most part... Overall, I agree it's a good program, in my area, we have 5 CPO's
            and actively encourage other Officer's to study and take the exam.
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              i might have to enroll in the cpo program, thanks for the links :P
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                It has been about 10 months since I started studying for the IFPO CPO cert. I offer this advice to anyone thinking about starting it: STUDY! Man, that's a big book, with a whole helluva lot of material.

                The only thing that gets me about the CPO is the re-certification requirements. I agree that there needs to be some level of difficulty to re-cert. Perhaps they, the IFPO, could make us redo the exam every couple of years, or step up to the next level of training after so long a time. Anything but writing scholarly papers and being management of useless security organizations, which are among the current re-cert reqs.

                two cents

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                  Recertification is a good idea, besides giving money to the organization, you are involved in continuous learning. 10 credits over 2 years is not that difficult.
                  2 years of membership with IFPO = 4 credits
                  3 days of first aid / CPR / AED = 6 credits
                  FEMA online courses probably qualify in the US, everywhere with the internet though, credits can be found.

                  I became a CPO before the credits were instituted, but I need to recertify each 3 years for the CPP. Right now it is 16 credits and can be attained by 3 college/university classes alone.

                  I for one would not want to study and do a retest every few years, they were stressful and time consuming enough the first time.
                  Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.
                  Groucho Marx


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                    I will be taking the CPO test this month.
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