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    Hello all

    I'm a new forum member. I don't work in the security industry, but I'm considering starting a business providing training to members of the security industry.

    Here's the rest of the story.

    I'm a lifelong karate practitioner (25 years) and have been doing jujutsu for about 8 years. I recently organized a reality based self defense/combatives seminar (specifically covering some techniques/training methods from Commando Krav Maga).

    I expected members of the martial arts community to flock to the event. They didn't. Instead, I got alot of interest from local law enforcement and at least one security company. That prompted me to contact other security companies who were also interested.

    In talking with one of these company's regional manager, I was told that there is a great deal of information about close quarters fighting, disarming suspects of various weapons, etc but few people to present it.

    Is this true?

    I have an opportunity to take additional training from the man who presented the Commando Krav Maga seminar. If I don't train with him, I have contacts in other reality based self defense/combatives orgs thru which I can get training.

    Regardless of who I train with, its going to be expensive. In order for me to pay for this, I'd have to be reasonably sure there is a market for this information. Is there? Do you folks working in private security have access to the training you want or do you find the training non existant or lacking? What kind of stuff are you interested in? I've got some suspiscions, but I want to hear it from you folks. What RBSD training orgs are recognized and respected in the industry? Do you have need of periodic training or do you need a place to regularly practice on your own time?

    If you'd rather respond in private, my email is [email protected]

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    What people need and what's available to them are both highly situation- and location-dependent. There certainly are many options available to officers who live in or near the larger cities, either in the form of schools that operate in the area or in the form of training outfits that bring classes to town.

    As you research this, you might find that there's a significant difference between "indications of interest" (which could be big) and actual commitments from potential clients to purchase "x class-hours" of training (which could be small)...and of course it's those commitments that really tell you what you're working with. That being the case, I think I'd spend my research time specifically contacting the training directors and/or CEO's of security companies in your area to solicit their specific needs and willingness to commit.

    You can also "benchmark" some similar operations, such as InSights Training Center and others, such as MOAB (Management of Aggressive Behavior) from PSTI. Both of these programs enjoy good attendance from the LE/security fields.

    As you look at such schools, you'll note that many of them, like InSights, provide both unarmed AND armed defense programs...and PSTI offers OC/baton, also. This might suggest to you that you might consider seeing if you can partner up with a firearms training school or instructor in your area that might like to fill in the "unarmed" side of their own training programs. This would give you a natural jump on their firearms training clients.

    Another thing you'll see is that these schools don't just concentrate on one market (LE/security). InSights, for instance, has programs for "ordinary citizens" - both armed and unarmed, private sector, LE and military. MOAB works with healthcare workers and social workers a lot, because these people are very often in situations where they need SD.

    You appear to be from Akron. What's Petrosino doing? They appear to be both a SD academy and security service, so I'd take a gander at their operation. You're also pretty close to Cleveland, right? This suggests that there will be both opportunities and competitors within easy driving distance of Akron. If you don't have a Cleveland yellow pages, visit any nearby library and take a close look at what the MA schools are doing.

    I'm sure you'll get lots of ideas here (probably more than you can possibly implement), but the thing is that the input will come from forum members who live all over the country (and even outside the country), whereas your interest, I would presume, is really local, so you have to take that into consideration.

    With that said, I would only comment that Krav Maga is a very good, well-proven platform to work from because it is relatively uncomplicated and should be very teachable in different modalities (day-long classes, weekly classes, etc.).

    Good luck to you!
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