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    Part 1 - Strong-Side Armlock for Escort

    You may use a Strong-Side Armlock to control or safely move a person from one place to another. Using a Strong-Side Armlock in such a manner is called the "Escort Method."

    A Strong-Side Armlock may be applied to a person who is offering little resistance to your arrest, such as a protester, or in a case where a person is physically resisting your arrest and you have to either defend yourself or take control. In the latter case, you would use another baton technique such as a block or counter-strike to create the opportunity to apply a Strong-Side Armlock.

    You will be generally standing in front of a person you want to control rather than to the side or rear. When you are in front, you want to apply a Strong-Side Armlock on the person's arm directly across from your strong arm, not your support arm. For example, as a right handed officer your strong arm would be your right arm so the person's left arm is the arm you want to use when performing a Strong-Side Armlock. As a left-handed officer it would be the person's right arm you want to use when performing a Strong-Side Armlock because your strong arm is your left arm. The rule is... to apply a Strong-Side Armlock use the person's arm that is straight across from your Strong Arm as you stand facing him or her.

    Using the One-Hand Grip, place the long portion of the baton between the subject's upper arm and body that is straight across from your strong arm. Grasp the long end of the baton with you Support Hand. Place the grip portion on the subject's forearm, just above the wrist area. Be sure to apply pressure to the subject's forearm with your strong thumb. As you Support Hand pulls on the long portion, rotate the grip portion upward to complete the armlock by driving the subject's arm behind his/her back. It is important for control that you lock the subject's forearm down onto the long portion using your strong thumb throughout the armlock.

    Once the subject's arm is fully behind his/her back, place your Support Hand over the long portion. To maintain subject control, push down on the long portion with your Support Hand while lifting up in the opposite direction with your strong hand.

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    Easier said then done....
    Hammer locks are the easist of the locks to escape from if the suspect knows how to relax there shoulder and shrimp out of it. I would suggest an alternate technique, such as one to facilitate grounding of the suspect for handcuffing.

    Stay Safe
    Ben Wallace


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      In my experience (I am a CA POST certified Arrest and Control Tactics Instructor) control holds with batons are just not effective. The only exception might be on a drunk who is too impaired to move fast. If I am going to put a control hold on a suspect, I am going to use my hands, and reserve my baton for striking.


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        Is this Koga System stuff? It looks ancient. Especially with the straight baton control holds.
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          kinda reminds me of the Monnadanock (sp) stuff I learned during NonLethal Combat in the USMC back in the late 90s