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  • Escalators

    I know Nathan keeps pointing out to me that a lot of Contract Security people only observe & report the criminal parts of our job but I know others are also responsible for security/safety & fire safety.

    I had an experience 2 weeks ago that I have had in the past & I thought I'd meantion it here to try & prevent it from happening elsewhere. If you have escalators where you work make sure the little "combs" at the top of an up running escalator & at the bottom of a down running escalator, are in place. The stairs slide into them before they disappear. They are very important to keep things from getting caught. A few years ago I had a child very badly injured when his hand became caught. 2 weeks ago a child's shoe got caught. I'll try posting a picture of what it looked like when I get home. Luckly the child was not at all injured, the shoe popped off. He was very lucky. Please check your escalators today!
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    It's funny you brought this up, cause I just got done watching mallrats.


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      When training someone I new, I always tell them that they should spend a few minutes from time to time just following the pipes/wires in generator rooms to see where they go. Take a look at motors, where the water valves and electrical panels are, and now I will add additional hazards.
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