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  • September 11 Memorial Newsletter

    Each year when Septemer 11 arrives, my company sends out this newsletter. It is a simple reminder to all of our clients and friends that the FDNY, NYPD were not the only services to loose people on that day while trying to save others. Now, I dont know if the list is complete. If anyone knows of a Security Professional that lost their life on September 11th that is not on our list please let me know.

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    Once again on 9/11 I will be in Manhattan (and then East Meadow) on business. This has happened the last few years. On 9/11/2001 I was sitting on an airplane in Philly waiting to fly to Quebec. The plane was late leaving the gate - after awhile the door opened and we were told to get off and leave the airport immediately. When I reached the gate area we could see what was happening on the tv monitor.
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      On September 11 I was at work in Stamford CT as a Branch Manager for a Security Company. Spent the rest of the day taking and making calls to the Marines in my Reserve unit. We were based out of Garden City Long Island and we had quite a few NYPD and FDNY in my Platoon. My ATL was FDNY. We lost one Marine Reservist from my unit. Clp Sean Talon, USMCR and FDNY.

      Spent Thrus, Fri, Sat and Sun with some Marines from my Plt working at Ground Zero. December 2001 our unit was called to Active Duty for all of 02. 03 was spent kicking Sadam out of power in Iraq.
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        I woke up after a night shift, my sister called me. "A plane crashed into the World Trade Center!" Turned on CNN, and asked her if there were any bombs or nuclear detonations. Planes usually don't just, you know, crash into extremely tall buildings. After the second one, yeah... That was a delayed attack to neutralize first responders.
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