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Shoplifters Stab Security Guard In San Diego

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  • Shoplifters Stab Security Guard In San Diego

    CHULA VISTA — A security guard was knifed in the abdomen and leg when he tried to stop two men from stealing alcohol from a grocery store, Chula Vista police said today.

    The assault occurred about 2:45 p.m. Friday at the Food-4-Less on Palomar Street near Industrial Boulevard, police Lt. Fritz Reber said.

    Two men reportedly grabbed some containers of alcohol and started to run out of the store. A security guard tried to stop them and got into a fight with the pair, Reber said.

    One of the thieves stabbed the guard once in the abdomen and once in the left thigh. The men ran toward a nearby trolley station and escaped. The guard was hospitalized but is expected to recover, Reber said.

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    Chula Vista has its fair share of gangmembers and illegals; I'm surprised he wasn't shot.
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      Can't beat a nice comfy stab proof vest. Ok it won't stop a bullet, unless you RREEAAALLLYYY wonna splash some cash, but it's protection against those nasty little needles and knives.

      Urgh, don't wonna get hit by a needle. No way.
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        I have never been to San Diego and was thinking about spending a few months there with my family. My wife is a little bit concerned about the safety of our kids. With that in mind, would San Diego be a good choice of places to stay, or should I be looking at being a little further away from the border?
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          San Diego is a great place. I lived there for a time. It's a family friendly city with much to do. Check out the world famous zoo and the many other attractions. San Diego is like any other city - crimes occur everywhere.
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            It's the surfing and climate that attracted me to San Diego as I do like to have a splash in warm(ish) water. You're right of course - crime can occur anywhere.
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