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police charge student with assaulting security guard

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  • police charge student with assaulting security guard

    By TIM ZATZARINY Jr. • Staff Writer • October 10, 2008

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    Buzz up! VINELAND -- A 17-year-old male student at Vineland High School North was charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct after he slammed a school security officer into a wall, police said.

    The security officer, John Magee, was not injured. Another security officer injured his left thumb, and a teacher suffered an elbow injury while intervening in the incident Tuesday morning, according to police.

    Officers responded to the school on East Chestnut Avenue at 11:14 a.m. for a report of a fight.

    Magee told police two students were arguing in a hallway, and he and another security officer separated them.

    As Magee escorted the 17-year-old student to the main office, the teenager grabbed Magee by the shoulders and slammed him into a wall, according to a police report.

    The security officer told police he was momentarily stunned. It took several security officers to restrain the student, police said.

    The teenager was charged on a juvenile complaint. He was processed and released to a guardian, pending a hearing in the Family Division of Superior Court.
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    Its not how we lived that counts....
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