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Riot Breaks Out At Community Center

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  • Riot Breaks Out At Community Center

    Riot Breaks Out At Community Center
    38 Officers Respond To Put Down Riot

    POSTED: 4:28 pm PDT October 20, 2008
    UPDATED: 4:38 pm PDT October 20, 2008

    GRESHAM, Ore. -- Police said they had to put down a riot when they responded to a fight involving more than 20 men at a community center Saturday night.

    Gresham police responded to a fight at the GSI Community Center at about 10:30 p.m. to find more than 20 men involved in a brawl, Lt. Jeffry Hansen said.

    Two private security guards had been hired for the event but were unable to control the crowd. A security guard hired by GSI told officers that he had lost his partner during the riot and later said, "It was like hell. I have never seen anything like that."

    Officers said there were more than 100 people inside the center while the fight was going on, and when they tried to pull apart the people who were fighting, the crowd that was watching turned on the police and began to attack them, Hansen said.

    A request was sent out for all available officers to respond and 38 officers from the Portland Police Bureau, Gresham Police Department, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, Troutdale Police Department and Fairview Police Department responded to assist in the situation, Hansen said.

    Officers said they were hit by people swinging belts and one officer was punched in the face, Hansen said.

    No one was seriously injured in the riot and officers and rioters generally only suffered scrapes, cuts and bruises, which was surprising considering the severity of the fighting, Hansen said.

    Officers said when they arrived, the crowd smelled of alcohol and many of the people were intoxicated, Hansen said.

    During the riot, a large cake and decorative marbles spilled onto the floor, which added to the chaos and made conditions additionally dangerous, Hansen said.

    During the past 18 month, the Gresham Police Department has been called to the GSI Community Center 20 times, responding to assaults, thefts, loud music, vandalism, and in six incidents an officer was assaulted, Hansen said.

    Neighbors surrounding the center have filed complaints involving loud drunken individuals visiting the center, vandalism to the area residences and vehicles and trash left in the street, Hansen said.

    Six men were arrested in the incident on charges varying from disorderly conduct to assaulting an officer, Hansen said.


    Did you witness the fight? Contact KPTV by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling 503-548-6550. If you took pictures of or captured video of the incident please e-mail them to [email protected].
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