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1 Killed 10 Injured.

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  • 1 Killed 10 Injured.


    A man grabbed a gun from an Israeli security guard and shot him in Jerusalem's Old City on Friday, sparking a gun battle in which the attacker was killed and at least 10 others injured, police and medics said.
    Israeli police identified the assailant as an "Arab man" between the age of 18 and 20.

    An Israeli police commander described the man as a "terrorist", though he did not say what may have motivated the shooting.

    The rest of the story is on the DailyMail website, follow the link to read more.
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    Yeah that's a place you don't screw around with. There are guns everywhere lol. We made a port call there when I was in the Marines. Their military carries their weapons everywhere with them, even home when they are on leave. I remember hitting on a girl on leave from the IDF in a bar, with an M4 slung over her back!

    BTW There are some hot ladies over there!
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      Found an example of what I meant!

      SecurityProfessional is Back up and running!


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        Good lord! they ARE pretty hot!... just a shame they scream ''LUNATICS!'' in my head.

        You got balls for chatting up a lady with a weapon... usually they're tough enough by themselves let alone with a functional weapon!
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        Court Security Officer - Her Majesty's Courts Service HMCS


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          Wow.. excuse me while I whipe the drool off my face. haha

          They obviously don't joke around out there.
          "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke


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            Boys and girls, let me take you back 50-years. Written on the chalkboard at the academy was, "Never (****) with a broad with a gun." Times have changed so that would never be posted in today's world.
            A close friend of mine, reared in a kibbutz, told me these little ladies can be getting laid one minute and next minute blowing somebody to kingdom come. They are hardened, to survive they must be!
            Enjoy the day,