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Milwaukee Hospital Security Guard Attacked by Patient

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  • Milwaukee Hospital Security Guard Attacked by Patient

    WITI-TV, MILWAUKEE -- Brought in by ambulance, taken away by police. A Milwaukee woman will soon face felony battery charges after biting a security officer. It happened at Saint Joseph Hospital in Milwaukee Saturday afternoon.

    The patient was taken there by ambulance. The woman started lashing out verbally when she didn't get the care she wanted. The hospital says she threatened nurses then continued to verbally harass security officers when they were called in to help. In a move that even surprised security officials, she bit an officer's head then spit in his mouth.

    Hospital security officers are trained to calm patients down through talking first but if the person continues to be aggressive, they will restrain.

    The bitten security officer was treated then returned to work to finish a double shift.
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    Utah... that sounds like a normal weekend here at my hospital. lol
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    Originally posted by Black Caesar
    some people just need killin!!!!! (Or Tasing, or pepper spraying or whatever).


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      I've been bitten before....and spit on multiple times.
      Its all part of our job as hospital security.