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LAPD SWAT officer killed, another seriously wounded

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  • LAPD SWAT officer killed, another seriously wounded

    *I understand this is not security-related, but this is a tragic and sad milestone for LAPD SWAT*

    LAPD SWAT officer killed in Calif. shootout

    During an overnight standoff, a suspect fatally
    shot SWAT Officer Randal Simmons. Simmons'
    death is the first in the 27-year history of
    LAPD's SWAT unit.
    (Photo courtesy of LAPD)

    Excerpts from the story; click link above for full story

    "In a tense overnight standoff, a man shot and killed one Los Angeles Police Department SWAT officer and seriously wounded another after he called 911 reporting that he had killed three members of his family at a Winnetka home, authorities said. The suspect was found dead in the home almost 12 hours after the standoff began, an assistant police chief said."

    "Simmons and Veenstra were rushed to Northridge Medical Center, where Simmons died just after 1 a.m, officials said."

    "Veenstra was undergoing surgery at 5 a.m. and was expected to survive, McDonnell said at a news conference this morning. Both officers had been with the SWAT unit for more than 20 years."

    "Simmons' death is the first in the 27-year history of the SWAT unit, McDonnell said. The Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, created in the 1960s to deal with especially dangerous situations, handles about 100 barricaded suspect incidents and 120 high-risk warrants each year."
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    This is exactly what SWAT was designed for, too. Barricaded Suspect. Sad day.
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