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Robbers overpower security guard

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  • Robbers overpower security guard

    Robbers overpower security guard

    Sunday January 06 2008

    The owners of the Chinese restaurant located in Sandy Point were robbed of a sum of money after their guard was overpowered by three masked assailants at approximately midnight Friday.

    According to a police report, Melford ‘Bar’ Richardson, the security guard for the restaurant was escorting the owners to their home after the end of their working day. At that time they were confronted by three masked men.

    It was reported that Richardson, in an attempt to resist, struggled with one of the men while another discharged several rounds from a fire arm.

    No one was reportedly shot but, amid the struggle, Richardson was stabbed in the arm with a knife by one of the men.

    The assailants managed to escape with the money.

    Richardson was treated for his injury at the Pogson Hospital and discharged.

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    Sounds like the guard was unarmed, probably, since he was shot at and stabbed without returning fire.

    The correct response in such a situation would usually be to surrender the money. It's lucky one of the owners or the guard wasn't killed.
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      Bravery is a great thing, and it certainly sounds like the guard was a brave guy, But, unless the guard thought the bad guys were going to kill the guard and employees with him, they should have just given up the money.

      It is only by luck that the guard, or employees who he was suppose to be looking out for, were not killed, and this was apparently only over money.