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Security Guard Shot At Richland Hills Apartment Complex

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  • Security Guard Shot At Richland Hills Apartment Complex

    Security Guard Shot At Richland Hills Apartment Complex

    POSTED: 9:36 am CST January 13, 2008
    UPDATED: 5:58 pm CST January 13, 2008

    RICHLAND HILLS, Texas -- A security guard at a suburban apartment complex was shot during an altercation with three men early Sunday morning, police said.

    Richland Hills police said the guard on patrol at the Bellaire Apartments on Baker Road in Richland Hills was shot in the stomach.

    "The security guard was transferred to the hospital, from my understanding (with) a gunshot wound to the abdomen," Detective Tye Bell said.

    Police said they found about 15 casings near the apartments.

    Randy Humphrey, a resident, said he heard the gunshots.

    "It went on for a pretty good while," he said. "I thought maybe it was only like six, seven or eight shots."

    The three men tried to leave the complex, but the minivan they were driving ended up in the median, police said. Police found a man believed to be the vehicle's driver dead on the grassy median across from the apartments.

    Police took the other two men into custody for questioning. Police said they hope to get more information on how the incident began.

    Police have not released the names of the men.

    The security guard, who police did not identify, is expected to survive.

    He had started patrolling at the apartment complex only a few weeks earlier.

    "I saw him a couple of days ago, talked to him right here, and I said, 'It's a good thing, we need some security around here,'" Bellair Apartments resident Dan Dubois said.

    Dubois said the shooting will probably prompt him to move.

    Its not how we die that counts.....
    Its not how we lived that counts....
    all that matters is how we saved that one life that one time by being in the right place at the right time....

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    2 suspects arrested in the shootings that killed 1 bad guy, and wounded 1

    good guy.