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CHA security guard attacked by 3 men

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    Chicago Special Police and Others

    Good question.
    No I am NOT Chicago Special Police. I recall CSPD working only at Rush St Lukes Hospital and havent seen them elsewhere in Chicago. As far as the guys milling around the metra(I assume the 71st and Jeffrey area) they are private contracted security guards. I have seen the 5 point stars they wear and them being in an unmarked car and in plainclothes. NONE of them are Police Officers but if you didnt know better you would say you were being stopped by a gang and tac unit. Dangerous move for them. The name of that company is Illinois Homeland Security Services. They operated in an area from 67th to 69 from Stony Island to a few blocks East of there in a mixed income housing area called Parkway. Not Park Way gardens,just parkway.

    But back to me. (not in the egotistical way either) I have been doing this for a star and a stripe(25 years) Most of which was armed work and yes I still have my original semi auto.
    I have worked areas from construction yards in the cornfields of Dupage County to the urine soaked basements of Chicago Housing projects. When I started,I always wanted to to the "right" thing the "right" way. Most posts afforded me the opportunity to catch up on much needed sleep or read. However other posts were War Zones. I developed a relationship with Chicago Police in the following districts001,002,003,,010,011,012,01 4,018, 019(Home to me) 020,(one call,arsonist caught)021,022,023,024 and 025 Most of my work was done in the central,west and Belmont areas of Chicago and surrounding Jets. I originally earned my bones in Robert Taylor Homes(45th and State,now torn down) It is THERE that I grew my balls as we hit the ground shooting there. EACH day there was a GSW or Homicide and gangs ran the place until residents had enough and wanted it cleaned out so they could be safe. It is there that I lost a dear friend of mine Officer Mike Cerriale of the Chicago Police Department who was killed in L.O.D. while on surveillance.From THAT day forward,that jet was on lockdown. While I will never Officially admit it, we bent several rules,rights and privileges there and kicked some major ass( hence the saying we came we saw.....)
    Now, Robert Taylor Homes is gone and I was reassigned to CHA Security Detail(later called the "strike team")thats sole purpose was to clean the worst of the worst areas of Chicago Housing. With the Exception of Leclaire Courts near Midway Airport,I have worked in EVERY other project in Chicago. Then came Lathrop Homes. I worked there under a private security contractor(currently being sued) who basically provided warm bodies and got a hefty check from HUD. I on the other hand having just been out of Housing,saw this as a challenge. There were gangs(Latin Kings,Stones and GD) and those that survived on selling themselves and what ever they could steal so as to feed their drug habits. In the FIRST MONTH of my assignment there I made 193 Arrests ranging from Trespassing to possession charges. On my first day there I was doing a vacant building premise check and as I was about to secure the building,I opened a closet near the front door of the vacant and found a black gym bag inside of which was a loaded Ingrams Machine Gun and over 450 rounds of ammunition. It was at THAT point that I knew I was where I needed to be both for the "decent" people there and for my own personal need to be in the action.
    From that day forward I found my home and my family in the 19th District of the Chicago Police Department. Sure there were a few cops that had disdain for me,but they are no longer working there. I got the Gang and the Tact units to work together for once and put the ki bosh on the drug sales in that jet. I didnt do that alone but I did my part. Signing complaints,chasing down the known warrants,and appearing in Court on Behalf of US RESIDENTIAL(mgt firm for Lathrop) People began to get CONVICTED from this effort.I INSURED that they couldnt parole back to Lathrop if they werent on the lease there,and was instrumental in the initiation of 3 major drug conspiracy operations that netted a cumulative of 37 major gang members which resulted in an average of 5-7 YEARS in DOC.
    But as for me personally, I am a humble guy. I have a fierce love for those that "went thru doors" with me and I am essentially Old School. I am violent and aggressive(when I need to be) but have a profound sense of caring for my fellow man.
    Do I miss being there?

    You betcha.

    Now Im in 003(near 71 and Jeffrey) and thus far have:
    1. arrested(detained) 3 persons from a residential burglary(with proceeds)
    2. Detained 2 armed subjects (with a recovery of 2 guns)
    3. delivered a baby in the parking lot where our store is.

    Im nothing special and dont ever want to be called such. Im just me. A guy who runs towards it as opposed to away from it. Basically now Im teaching my protege (the Little Me they call him) so as to do things the right way. I cant help but remember my FTO (santo Greco,RIP) that taught me the ropes many moons ago. And yes at times I sit alone with my thoughts,a good cigar,and a glass of jack and for some reason find tears running down my face.Why? No Clue. They say that one should never put their heart into their job as it WILL get broken. Id be lying if i said I didnt LOVE what I do and what i did and all those that were with me when I did it. I went so far as at a Watch Party in 2006 to tell one of the hardest men I have ever met in my life that I loved him. Looked him dead in the eyes and said that without reservation. He put down his drink(and I thought I was about to get knocked out) grabbed me close to him kissed my cheek and said he loved me too. To THIS day,THAT bond will NEVER be broken. (of course to save face i tell everyone we were silly drunk but you know how it is....) That was the Sgt(CPD) that had my back at all times and I pulled HIM out of some mess a few times. Cant say what that is for certain but it IS 2 warriors that stepped up when need be. Beyond that, Im just me. and Im just a security guard.

    This is an addiction. And Trust Me i dont want rehab or be forced to dry out.
    I love this stuff.