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Guard Killed after 5 shot at bar

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  • Guard Killed after 5 shot at bar

    (CNN) -- Five people were shot, one fatally, at a New Year's celebration in Indianapolis, Indiana, early Tuesday, police said.

    The shootings took place around 3:30 a.m. outside a private party taking place in Durty Nelly Eatery and Pub in northeast Indianapolis, police said.

    The bar had been rented out by a production company, which hired as many as 12 private security guards and bouncers.

    Three of those shot were security guards, said Lt. Jeff Duhamell of the Indianapolis Police Department.

    One of those guards, Ronnie Croom Jr., 30, died after being transported to Methodist Hospital, Duhamell said.

    Two other victims were taken to the hospital at the same time, and around 30 minutes later, two more victims walked into Wishard Hospital with gunshot wounds.

    Duhamell said there was some sort of disturbance in the bar, and the guards started forcing those involved outside.

    Gunshots were fired from a parking lot outside the bar, hitting four people outside the bar and one person in the doorway.

    Ten to 20 people were involved in the incident, he said.

    Police "don't have too many leads in terms of suspects" in the ongoing investigation, which has been hindered by the fact that the crime scene is primarily outdoors, and Indianapolis experienced snow and high winds throughout the night, Duhamell said.
    Hospital Security Officer

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    sad situation, we had 14 or more officers in addtion to local police for our new years event, luckily it was soooooo freaking cold most folks stayed home. instead of coming out, so instead of 40,000 people we had maybe like 2,000-3,000, luckily nothing happened.
    Its not how we die that counts.....
    Its not how we lived that counts....
    all that matters is how we saved that one life that one time by being in the right place at the right time....


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      My thoughts go out to the wounded and deceased guards, and innocent patrons at the crime scene.

      Hopefully the shooters are captured, convicted, and placed into prison for life without the possibility of parole.

      That would be the true definition of gun control.