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Security guard injured in shooting at local nightclub

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  • Security guard injured in shooting at local nightclub

    A security guard for the Plaza Nightclub on Johnston Street next to the Incredible Pizza Company was wounded after being shot by an assailant in the club Wednesday morning.
    According to Plaza Nightclub owner Shannon Wilkerson, a security issue occurred involving patron of the club on Christmas evening.


    The security issue was addressed by employees of the nightclub, Wilkerson said, but during the course of removing the patron from the club, the assailant pulled a gun and fired on a member of the Plaza's security staff.

    Wilkerson confirmed the incident and said the employee was wounded in the shoulder.
    He added that the incident occurred shortly before 2 a.m.

    This is the second violent incident to occur at the Plaza Nightclub in less that six months.

    The last incident involved a stabbing that left three young men injured.

    Check back with for more information as it becomes available.
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    I hope the government types in this country read how dangerous it really is out there, and that they figure out that making it more difficult for the average good citizen, and security guard, to be able to obtain, and carry a weapon with them, does not protect the public, but just offers them up to the criminal element at little thought by the criminal they can be stopped.