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Wal-Mart security guard cut with razor blade

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  • Wal-Mart security guard cut with razor blade

    Staff Reports
    August 22, 2007

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    A Wal-Mart security guard was cut with a razor blade Tuesday night as he and three other employees attempted to restrain a Carson City man who allegedly tried to steal video game equipment.
    The guard suffered a 6-inch laceration to his left wrist which caused damage to his artery, nerves and tendons. According to a Douglas County Sheriff’s Office report, he lost13 ounces of blood.
    The suspect, Christopher Andrew Kokinakis, 31, of Carson City, was held in Douglas County Jail on $75,000 bail. He is facing charges of robbery with a knife, battery with a deadly weapon, battery with substantial bodily harm and petite larceny.

    According to reports, Kokinakis was observed by store personnel in the electronics department taking two items valued at $150. He reportedly removed the packaging from the items and stuffed them down his pants.
    He left the store without paying and was confronted by store security.
    Deputies said Kokinakis reportedly struck one guard in the head as he tried to flee. More help was summoned as Kokinakis became more combative.
    Witnesses said he removed his shirt and cut one of the guards with a razor blade before he was wrestled to the ground.
    The items he was trying to steal fell out of his shorts, according to reports.
    The injured security guard was taken to Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center.
    Kokinakis complained of neck, shoulder and chest pains, but received medical clearance at Carson Valley Medical Center before he was taken to jail.
    He suffered small cuts on his right hand palm and finger
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