Suspected Shoplifter Stabs Security Guards
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(CBS) ANAHEIM, Calif. Two security guards were stabbed in a foiled shoplifting attempt at Anaheim Plaza Shopping Center on Sunday, according to a police sergeant.

Alfonso Magana, 23, of Anaheim, allegedly tried to shoplift shoes from a Mervyn's store in the 500 block of North Euclid Street and was met by two security officers who tried to detain him outside the store, Sgt. Rick Martinez of the Anaheim Police Department said.

Though the security officers did get one handcuff on the Magana, he continued to fight with them until the three fell to the ground in a struggle, Martinez said.

Because Magana had four to five kitchen knives sticking out of his pockets, one security officer was cut in his lower leg and the other was stabbed in the thigh. The first guard was treated by paramedics and transported to a local hospital; the second did not need medical attention, he said. Neither wound was considered to be life-threatening.

After the struggle, Magana fled the scene was later found in a drainage ditch three blocks north of the store, Martinez said. He was taken to the Anaheim Detention Facility and booked on suspicion of robbery