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Security Guard Carjacked in Desert Hot Springs

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  • Security Guard Carjacked in Desert Hot Springs

    Security Guard Carjacked in Desert Hot Springs

    Aug 13, 2007 03:48 PM MDT

    The rash of attacks on area security guards continued over the weekend with the beating and carjacking of a guard in Desert Hot Springs.

    Authorities say it happened late Saturday night at the parking lot of the Time Warner Cable offices on Palm Drive.

    Police say the men came up from behind the security guard, demanded he give up the keys to the car, pulled him from the car, and hit him over the head.

    The suspects took off with the victim's wallet and vehicle.

    The security guard says both suspects were black and possibly teenagers.

    He says one was armed with a shotgun.

    This is third significant incident involving a security guard in the past three months.

    In June, a security guard was shot in Cathedral City while trying to break up a fight. In July, a guard for Bower Security was robbed and beaten to death near a construction site in Palm Springs.

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    Sounds like the guard was sitting in his car like so many do.

    If I am on a post like that, I orient the mirrors to be able to see around me, and move the car a lot. Keeps me awake, and its hard to sneak up on a moving vehicle.
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      where is located desert hot spring