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    Hello everyone, my name is David M. Marchetti and I am from Connecticut. I am a 20 year vet of the industry and for the last fourteen years I have been the operator/ owner of a security agency that's licensed by the Department of Public Safety a Division of the State Police. Just by chance I found this site and I think it's great that we fellow public safety professionals have a place to vent and have some good conversation.

    I see that some members make mention of how some police do not like private security providers, this is very very true sad to say. Some mention that they don't get enough respect from the public and such, also very true. Their are many factors that contribute to this such as a lack of knowledge about our own history, a lacking in displaying our professional pride, failure to acknowledge the sacrifices others have made in the line of duty, licensing standards, and many things that play a role within " our " industry. For the most part to a degree we have relinquished our profession to our baby brother being law enforcement, that?s our own damn fault guys.

    As a societal policing force we predate law enforcement, our courts, our nations history, we are societies oldest public safety profession and we can prove it. The accomplishments we have achieved as a profession go unspoken through a lack of knowledge about our own profession, that knowledge gives pride in our industry and ultimately ourselves. Think of this how many times have to done something to protect someone or someone?s property, you have done a good job.

    Maybe even resulting in the apprehension of someone and arrest, it?s an accomplishment. Now ask yourself this how many people know about it, this is my point we the security professionals are our nations truly unsung hero?s. How do you expect to gain respect when you don?t even acknowledge as a professional your great achievements and acts in the line of duty?. We have no nation wide support associations, no medal of valor, we have nothing but ourselves. I will not even touch the topic of training standards that?s for a later conversation as that also is effected by our baby brother law enforcement to a huge degree.

    This year I am changing my company name after 14 years, create a new up dated look for uniforms, but one change will be notice by everyone. I as well as my employees will be wearing citations for the act?s we have engaged in while in the line of duty. To wear these citations they must be accompanied by a sworn affidavit made under penalty of perjury supporting the wearing of these citations. I know that after 20 years people will ask what all the citations are for and I will proudly tell them, this in turn I am sure will gain the respect and possibility of admiration of some people.

    Public relations starts with yourself and how your seen while on duty, only then will you get respect and acknowledgement. If you would like to see
    " Security Citations " you can drop me an e-mail and I will send them to you to copy. The hard part is no one makes them " gee I wonder why " and I will most likely have to have them custom made, but in the end I am sure it will be worth it to show what I have accomplished while being a security provider.
    As a matter of fact just a month or so ago I disarmed a razor welding suspect and arrested him after he tried to slash two people, and I did this while unarmed.

    Best wishes,

    David M. Marchetti
    Force-1 Security Agency, Incorporated.