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Insider Threat: Fired Employee Returns to Rob/Kill

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  • Insider Threat: Fired Employee Returns to Rob/Kill

    These companies hire for low pay and typically train little. The standards likely contribute to the quality of the guard force in general. I’m deeply saddened that a hard-working 60-year old had to die. In pace resquiescat.
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    Bitter clinger to my guns and religion....

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    Nothing has changed. For the amount of money you're hauling around, the pay is a joke. Its why I quit in the '90s - the crew I worked with were good, but I heard rumors about certain employees - figured if I didn't catch a bullet from a bad guy, I might catch one from one of our guys.

    Truly sad.


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      One of my off-duty jobs years ago was at a company that was doing a lot of downsizing, which meant telling a number of employees they were gone.

      They had us in civilian clothing and staged right next to the room where the "axe was falling."

      Although nothing bad happened, the potential was there.

      A different time, another company fired an employee and he made some serious threats.

      We had shifts 24/7 parked near the CEOs home.