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Correctional Officer Stabbed to Death.

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  • Correctional Officer Stabbed to Death.

    JESSUP, Md. (AP) -

    A correctional officer is at Shock Trauma after he was stabbed this afternoon by an inmate at the maximum security Maryland House of Correction in Jessup.
    The Department of Public Safety says the officer was stabbed multiple times by an inmate. The suspect is a 38-year-old convicted murderer who's serving a life sentence.

    According to broadcast reports, the 27-year-old officer was conscious and breathing when he was taken to Shock Trauma. The inmate was reportedly on his way to dinner and was alone with the officer when the officer was attacked him with a makeshift knife.

    Officer David McGuinn was fatally stabbed by inmates at the House of Correction in July. The Jessup prison complex has been the site of several attacks on officers in the past year.
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    That's Crazy

    That shouldn't be acceptable - AT ALL. That prison needs to have its policy regarding inmate/officer interaction overhauled. My goodness, if the CO's can't protect themselves, how are they going to protect other inmates and the public? (Visitors, staff, etc.)

    I know that inmates don't garner much sympathy, but that doesn't mean they deserve a death sentence at the hands of their fellow inmates.
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      Mr. Security, you hit it right on. This has been an ongoing problem for years in corrections. The corrections officer is duty bound to protect the convicts from each other, but the public is always whining about he poor convict when the officers take care of business. Does anyone know of a solution other than give the inmate what he wants, which is what usually ends up happening. It all starts when anofficer decides to enforce the rules on these scum. Then what usually happens is the guy who relieves the first officer gets attacked by the inmate. What Should Be Done???
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