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Houston Security Guard Shot, Killed

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  • Consolewatcher
    Very unfortunate. I think it serves as a reminder that in this industry that even in an "observe and report"-type role there can be dangers involved simply by being there (since the guard was 71, I'm assuming it was an "observe and report" job).

    I don't want to use someone's death as a cause for discussion/argument, but after seeing another story it appears that the car could quite easily be mistaken for a law enforcement vehicle (looks like a Crown Victoria, lightbar on top, horizontal stripe, the word "PATROL" in large letters on the sides, "law enforcement" style logo, no word "security" or anything else suggesting a private security vahicle). I can't help but wonder if the guard was targeted because the person mistook it for a law enforcement vehicle. Obviously, we can argue whether it resembles a LE vehicle, but I think we all have to keep in mind that we as security guards/officers/managers etc. have a better understanding of what to look for than the average person (especially one that is not acting rationally).

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  • SecTrainer
    started a topic Houston Security Guard Shot, Killed

    Houston Security Guard Shot, Killed

    Shot through the side window of his patrol car while sitting outside a gas station he was guarding. His name doesn't appear in this article.