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Aitkin Deputy Fatally Shot In St. Cloud Hospital; Shooter Also Dead

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  • Aitkin Deputy Fatally Shot In St. Cloud Hospital; Shooter Also Dead

    I am still waiting to hear more details on this, but it sounds like hospital security may have Tased the inmate, too. It is a chilling audio clip on MN Police Clips when you hear hospital security call on the radio directly to the Stearns County PSAP in Saint Cloud.]

    Aitkin deputy slain in St. Cloud Hospital; shooter also dead -

    An Aitkin County sheriff's deputy in St. Cloud Hospital was fatally shot early Sunday, and the man who shot him also died at the scene, authorities said.

    "A suspect being treated at St. Cloud Hospital shot and killed a sheriff’s deputy who had been monitoring the welfare of the suspect who was a subject of an investigation outside the St. Cloud tri-county area," said Jill Oliveira, spokeswoman for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA).

    The BCA said the incident was confined to the supsect's hospital room, and no one else was injured.

    The deputy was identified as Steven Sandberg, 60, who had been with the Sheriff's Office since 1991 and working as an investigator for the past 20 years.

    The suspect was identified as Danny Leroy Hammond, 50, BCA Superintendent Drew Evans said during a news conference in St. Cloud. Hammond, of rural Aitkin, was in the hospital for medical reasons following a domestic situation, Evans said. He was not handcuffed, Evans added.

    A struggled ensued, Evans said, and Hammond got ahold of Sandberg's gun and squeezed off several rounds.

    A deputy from the same Sheriff's Office tased Hammond, and the suspect "became unresponsive," Evans said.

    Life-saving efforts were begun by emergency personnel, but he died, the superintendent said.

    Aitkin County Sheriff Scott Turner said the incident was a "whirlwind of events in [a] very tragic situation."

    Turner said Sandberg leaves behind a wife and daughter.

    Hammond’s criminal history includes felony convictions for burglary and fleeing custody, both cases from roughly 25 years ago.

    Law enforcement scanner conversation of the unfolding predawn scene was captured by the MN Police Clips website.

    “We do have an officer down in South 527,” came the word from the hospital to dispatch. “We have deputy that is shot … the shooter is in handcuffs.”

    Dispatch described the shooter as “an inmate ... and the inmate is now in custody.”

    An officer on the scene said the “guy got gun away from deputy, shot deputy” and the suspect went into cardiac arrest.

    The weapon was recovered, the officer added.

    In a statement issued Sunday afternoon, Gov. Mark Dayton said, "I deplore this terrible, senseless murder. ... This tragedy reminds us that Minnesota's law enforcement officers risk their lives every day and night to keep us safe."