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Security Guard Statistics for 2014

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  • Security Guard Statistics for 2014

    ***** First of all I would like to thank all of you who read my posts in the last year, especially those with the words of encouragement to keep posting the information. I had set out to prove that the job of security officer is anything but safe and mundane, and I think these numbers will prove that. As I have stated repeatedly, the numbers you see are not all-inclusive because I can not receive every single news article so that the numbers are 100% correct. These statistics are for the USA only, though I saw MANY articles for Canada, England and Australia. I hope you folks will take a good hard look at these numbers (and know I have every single news article to back them up) and realize the dangers of your profession. And oh yea, print it out and the next time someone tells you the job of security guard is boring or nothing ever happens, show them this! *****

    323 incidents of assault - with 44 being "multiple" officers assaulted in the same incident (and I could not get an accurate account)

    127 more were assaulted with a weapon
    - 37 by car
    - 32 by knife
    - 4 by sharp weapon
    - 27 by mace/oc spray
    - 23 by other weapons

    40 were killed or died on duty as a result of the job

    67 were shot while on duty

    58 guards shot criminals
    -24 of those shot died

    150 incidents of officers being threatened with weapons
    - 94 by gun
    - 32 by knife or sharp object
    - 24 by other weapons

    ***** By far, the MOST dangerous security posts are loss prevention/store security and bar/club/lounge security! Stay safe and watch your six - 2015 hasn't started out very good for our profession! *****