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October 2014 Monthly Security Guard Statistics

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  • October 2014 Monthly Security Guard Statistics

    *** It's time once again to publish the security statistics I could find for the month on open source information networks. Assaults on S/O's seems to be up this month. Read and take note, security's not always a mundane, boring job! Stay safe! ***

    Assaulted: 42 (3 includes multiple officers in 1 incident)

    Assaulted w/ Weapon: 7
    Knife: 3 Car: 1 Mace: 2 Other: 1 (1 Bear Spray)

    Attempted Assault w/ Weapon: 2
    Bottles: 1 Other: 1 (Fruit Cup)

    Killed: 5 (Murdered: 1)
    * 1 died of heart attack while on duty

    Security Shoots Suspect: 1 Killed: 1

    Shot: 4

    Shot At: 2

    Threatened w/ Weapon: 16
    knife/sharp object: 5 Gun: *10 Other: 1 (1 unknown)
    * 1 gun incident includes an armored car guard being carjacked of vehicle
    ** 1 gun incident includes the attempted robbery of an on-duty s/o at college
    *** 1 gun incident includes armored car guard being robbed & kidnapped briefly

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    I'd make a joke about the "fruit cup," but since I darn near needed stiches one time after cutting myself on a sharp piece of plastic (seriously), I'd say it points out that anything can be used as a weapon.

    With the holidays coming people are going to be stressed out and more angry than usual. I really hate the holidays - work-wise, that is.


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      I laughed about fruit cup too, but then I remembered they have sharp edges that if caught just right, could open you right up - and then there's always the SERIOUS dangers to the eyes! 8-)