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Security Statistics For September 2014

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  • Security Statistics For September 2014

    Hello everyone, it's time again to publish the monthly statistics that I was able to find on the open internet. It by no means is all of the incidents that happened throughout the month. One of the articles I read from Chicago stated that security had used their firearms 9 times in the course of a week - but I could only find information on the one incident so I could not count all of the others. Stay safe everyone, watch your 6 and cover each other out there.

    Assaulted: 29 (9 includes multiple officers in 1 incident)
    * 1 incident includes s/o being robbed of his pistol

    Assaulted w/ Weapon: 12
    Knife: 4 Sharp Weapon: Car: 4 Mace:
    Other: 4 (2 beer bottles, 1 blunt weapon, 1 cane)

    Killed: 3 (Murdered: 3)

    Attempted Assault w/ Weapon: 5
    Knife/Sharp Weapon: 1 Bottles: Scissors: Car: 3 Blunt Object: Gun: 1

    Security Shoots Suspect: 9 Killed: 4

    Shot: 4

    Shot At: 2

    Threatened w/ Weapon: 6
    knife/sharp object: *3 Gun: **3 Club: Other:
    *1 Knife also includes oc spray
    ** 1 gun incident is robbery of on duty uniformed s/o