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July 2014 Security Injury Statistics

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  • July 2014 Security Injury Statistics

    First off I apologize to all of you who have been waiting eagerly for the monthly post - Best Buy kidnapped my computer and I had to wait to get it back! Here's what I was able to find on the internet for the month of July:

    34 incidents of S/O's being assaulted (at least 3 incidents involved multiple officers in one incident)

    12 S/O's were assaulted with weapons (6 by knife, 2 by car, 3 by mace & 1 by taser)

    2 S/O's were killed - both were murdered in the line of duty

    5 incidents of attempted assault on S/O's with weapons (4 by knife & 1 by bottle)

    2 incidents of S/O's shooting perpetrators

    8 S/O's were shot

    4 S/O's were shot at

    14 incidents of S/O's being threatened with weapons (2 by knife/sharp object, 11 by gun & 1 with scissors)
    *** 1 of the gun incidents includes on duty SO being robbed of his weapon

    Remember security isn't always an easy job and can be VERY dangerous! STAY SAFE!

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    Pretty much confirms what we've seen in recent weeks this summer - the whole world is going crazy. The edged weapon stats are a grim reminder that it isn't just guns we've got to worry about. (Its why my old supervisor used to pick up bottles in the alley & referred to it as 'weapons disposal.")

    Keep your head up, your eyes open and listen to that voice in your head when it says, "Duck!"


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      Thanks for the comment CondoGuard - I was beginning to think no one ever really read these posts I put out!