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Florida security officer raped while on duty

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  • UnsupervisedCanadian
    All questions of defensive equipment and tactics aside....I will tell you what should happen to this ****in puke, and it involves a dark alley, a few of this officer's co-workers, a PR-24 and a canister of OC....

    Unprofessional as that is...That is the only thing that will cure skells like this. The guy is homeless, you think jail is a punishment? 3 meals, clothes, and a bed? There is no way the asshole should be rewarded for raping anyone...Argue all you want, but going from the streets to a prison is essentially a reward. The skell should be hosed down and left bare-ass naked in a meat freezer....After said tune-up with a PR-24 and x-strength OC.
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  • WatnNY
    started a topic Florida security officer raped while on duty

    Florida security officer raped while on duty

    Florida security officer raped while on duty

    Posted: 21 Feb 2014 09:05 PM PST


    A homeless man has been arrested after investigators said he raped a female security officer in a downtown Orlando parking garage Wednesday night.
    Investigators said the woman was on patrol on the sixth floor of the Jefferson Street
    between Orange and Garland Streets when she said a man walked up behind her, put his hand over her mouth and sexually assaulted her.
    The attack continued until one of the woman's co-workers drove by, scaring off the attacker.
    The suspect, identified as 21-year-old Tobias Franklin, has been locked up without bond in the Orange County Jail.
    The victim's co-worker said he saw the suspect go down the stairs and take off running along the train tracks that run between Orange and Garland avenues, on the side of the parking garage.
    Investigators said the suspect then entered the back door of a CrossFit gym and ran through the facility, where several people were working out, before running out the front door and making a sharp left turn on Robinson Street.
    Orlando police said they caught up with Franklin and arrested him on the other side of I-4,
    next to the FAMU College of Law.
    The victim later told police her attacker overpowered her, tried to suffocate her and told her not to scream or he would kill her.
    Franklin's charges include kidnapping, false imprisonment, battery on a uniformed security officer and sexual battery with deadly force.