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Who Says Being A Security Guard Isn't Dangerous???

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  • Who Says Being A Security Guard Isn't Dangerous???

    These numbers are just what I have been able to gleem off of the internet, and are only for the United States, so you know the numbers MUST be higher!

    January 2014
    18 incidents of Security Officers Assaulted (3 incidents include more than 1 officer being assaulted)
    11 incidents of security officers being assaulted with weapons (1 by knife, 1 by sharp object, 3 by car, 1 by BB gun, 2
    by mace/pepper spray)
    3 officers were killed in the course of their job
    5 officers were SHOT in the course of their job (1 died, it was NOT murder)
    13 incidents of officers being threatened with weapons (5 by knife/sharp object, 7 by gun & 1 with a hatchet)
    6 offenders were shot by security officers (3 were killed)

    February 2014 (as of 15 February)
    14 incidents of Security Officers Assaulted (3 incidents include more than 1 officer being assaulted)
    3 incidents of security officers beings assaulted with weapons (1 by sharp object, 2 by mace/pepper spray)
    2 security officers have been killed in the course of their duties (1 was murdered)
    3 security officers have been shot
    4 security officers have been threatened with weapons (1 by knife/sharp object, 1 by gun, 1 by axe and 1 by
    5 offenders have been shot by security officers (1 was killed)

    So the next time someone tells you that you're "just a security guard" and "nothing ever happens", show them THIS!

    I will update so everyone knows what's going on.


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    Thanks for the info; source?


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      You've got that right that security is a dangerous job. Every day you put on that uniform you better be right with God, because you don't know if you're going home to your family.


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          Originally posted by Soper View Post
          I've tried 3 times to come up with a response to this thread, and that's the conclusion I kept coming to , Soper...I want to say something in regards to "every time you put on that uniform you better be right with God..." thing....But, damn, man...

          Have security companies lost people in the line of duty? Yes...But every industry loses people in the line of duty...The best response I can come up with to that comment about putting on your uniform and not knowing if you'll see your family again is to go say give that same load of BS to a Miner ....Please, go to one of these people and say that as a security guard, you don't know if you'll ever see your family again. I can guarantee you that your 12 hours at a desk or behind the wheel of a cheap sedan are nowhere near as dangerous as their 8 or 10 hours underneath a mountain/5000 Meters U/G.

          Listen, fella (not you Soper, you're good, the other fella) I'm in no more danger at work than you are...I don't know how long you've been in the industry, where you've been posted before, or if you even are in the industry for the matter...But I've got 2 years in the field, in that time I've worked warmbody posts, healthcare security, and am now in a Security/Medical role. I have NEVER in those 2 years put my uniform on and got all welled up and kissed my mama goodbye thinking "This may be the last time...." How much of a tool do you have to be to have that mentality as a security guard?

          Before I got into security, I did a couple different jobs, and I'll break the numbers down for you:

          Labourer: Golf & Country Club: Injuries: 1-Damn near broke my arm/shoulder when keying out a 1.5" hose improperly because I wasn't shown the correct method.

          Labourer: Recycling Plant: Risk of Injury: Could have been bisected by the doors inside the bed of a recycling truck when crawling up into it to break the load loose. Risk of Injury: Working at height, no Fall Protection provided.

          Presshand: Plywood Mill: Injuries 2- #1: Musculoskeletal injury incurred from trying to flip 5x10' 1" MDF boards with an uncoordinated partner. #2: Second-Degree Burn to Right Wrist when my arm came into contact with a hot oil line on the Press which was burning at 170*Celcius at the time.

          Security Officer: Gatehouse, Psychiatric Ward, Special Events, FA/Sec gig: 0 Injuries.

          I'm sorry all, but if we want any respect in this industry, we all have to do our part to pull the FNGs' heads out of the clouds.
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            Originally posted by SoCalGuard View Post
            Thanks for the info; source?
            SoCal - As I said, what I have been able to gleem from the internet. I have also kept every single article to be able to back up the numbers I have put out there.



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              Yeah security guards are the thin yellow line between civilization and anarchy
              But honestly though, the same could be said of police officers. They shouldn't be looked on as sacrificing themselves just like we can't see security guards or anyone else for that matter as heroes.


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                I simply understand the risks and dangers associated with my job. Is it possible for me to get shot or stabbed on a stop? Yeah, I'd say it is. The amount of needles we take off these scumbags I wouldn't put it past one of them to go all the way in a fight vs flight situation. Im not however holding rosaries, lighting a candle or praying to whoever as if my job is the most dangerous place. I know the risks and I accept them, simple enough.
                Sergeant Phil Esterhaus: "Hey, let's be careful out there.."



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                  There is ZERO correlation between LE and security regarding the requirement to provide public safety.