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decorated 19yr cop killed in Vallejo,CA probably wasn't

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  • decorated 19yr cop killed in Vallejo,CA probably wasn't

    following "protocol" by engaging known armed bank-robber "on the fly" and without waiting for backup, serious backup.

    This is all my barely trained guess at this point.

    I'm guessing that Police Protocol would be to not engage the robbers alone, even if that means allowing them to escape temporarily.

    I'm also guessing a cop isn't supposed to do a "pit" collision on another car when alone, but to just keep tailing if possible, even if they might escape.

    Too easy for even a very experienced street cop or anyone else to lose a gun battle that erupts on the fly. Report says cop was shot multiple times in the back, like maybe he was approaching, saw a gun, and tried to find cover. This wasn't some loon deciding to ambush a cop and shoot him in the back, the cop had just rammed the SUV off the road after chase.

    My guess is a cop would be supposed to remain by their car and use it for cover until backup arrives...even when an armed desperado is fleeing into area with lots of helpless civilians he MIGHT take hostage.

    Yeah, that "just let him go, and we'll hope we catch him later" goes against all emotion, but they seem to have a pretty good record of catching them sooner rather than later, and except for an ambush shooting like done by Dixon in Oakland, the cops seem to almost never lose gun battles, especially if they can stretch it out 3 minutes for 10 of their buddies to show up.