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Target Security Stabbed in Neck

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  • Target Security Stabbed in Neck

    Trevor Ward, who worked in security at a Target store, was stabbed in the neck by a shoplifter, Rogelio Perez, 31, who he was trying to apprehend. The suspect was found later in an apartment complex by police with his accomplice, Elizabeth Dora Tate, 25. The suspects were arrested. A police sergeant named Mike Krantz suffered a leg fracture while jumping a fence chasing after Perez before he was finally taken into custody. Both suspects were charged with first degree robbery and Perez was also charged with second degree assault. The security guard's injury required five stitches. The police officer is currently hospitalized.

    "We appreciate all the hard work you've done, the dedicated hours you have worked, and the lives you have saved. However, since this is your third time being late to work, we are terminating your employment here."

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    He's fortunate that he'll be alive to tell the story. All you officers in LP, stay safe and don't take any chances with your life for a property crime.
    Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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      I agree with Mr. Security. The trend over the last year or so is extreme violence against LPO's. It is not worth it to fight back. It has been years since I did any LPO work and I would not go back to for triple my current salary.
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        I agree with Mr Security too.

        When I read of incidents involving security officers it always makes me want to be able to investigate it to find out what went wrong, how, why, etc.... in order to be able to help increase training tactics for all.

        The news stories never give enough information on these incidents (and I understand why the don't) to satisfy me.
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          It may be that one of the problems is the type of training LPOs are getting, especially in defense and arrest tactics. I've spoken with Target and Wal-Mart LP people before. Most of them tell me what their training consists of. With Target especially, they use some kind of Jedi Mind Trick Non-Confrontational Self Defense course.

          If you are attempting to cause the physical submission of someone violently resisting you, it is NOT the time to be "non-confrontational." You can either forcefully disengage that person, or you can physically restrain them or cause them harm till they submit.

          LPOs suffer from the same problem that LEOs and Security Officers do: They are told that their uses of force are defensive in nature. They're not. You are the aggressor when you attempt to apprehend someone. Take control of the situation at the start of the encounter, do not release control till the suspect is in custody or has fled the area and is no longer a threat.

          I've watched the LPOs in my town. They frighten me. They have no concepts of professional communication, tactical footing, or apprehension. I know this because I've watched them try to stop people. Standing 1 foot away from someone while letting them ramble on about how they didn't know - outside the front of the store. Letting them go into their purses and ther pockets at a foot away. Letting the shoplifter take control of the encounter.

          Anyone I'm going to arrest will be in handcuffs by the time I am within 1 foot of them. I'm too old to play the, "Ok, you're under ar... stop running!" game.

          Keep in mind that these professional bad guys hate you. They want to harm you so that you won't be able to stop them anymore. They want to punish "you" for putting in jail, time and time again, like those f-ing cops. So, when they feel that a contact is going to go badly, they'll see if they can take you out then run.

          The old addage applies: Be professional and compassionate in your duties to all you meet, as you secretly plan to kill them.
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