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Security guard shot, killed near Victorville nightclub

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  • Security guard shot, killed near Victorville nightclub

    When not at work or out watching a moive.. passed out at the keyboard.

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    Scary! I worked that area a long while back as a Security Officer. That place is getting rough!
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      Though there is little info on it, it's sad regardless. I do not mean to start a big debate, but that's why I'm in full support of more ARMED security. With LOTS of training of course.

      I've been in situations where had I not had a loaded firearm, I know the person would of loved to try and take me out. Via gun, or other means.


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        Victorville in general is getting very dangerous, with all the growth around Hesperia, Applevalley and Adelanto being next door. I understand alot fo LA citizens move up to the high dessert, which population growth equals criminal growth!
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          Ten32 I don't necessarily disagree with you on the necessity of having more armed security. The problem I have is where to utilize them.

          Here's an idea of what I mean. In our hospital we keep a pretty tight rein on problems (we're "armed", trained, and certified, with OC, ASP, and M26 Tasers for defensive weapons). Yet we have, amongst ourselves, discussed the idea of moving to firearms. There are situations which have occurred in the past (like two murders on our property) that give us pause about incidents with potential lethal consequences. On the one hand I can easily favor carrying a firearm for protection of our "world", yet at the same time I have this scary vision of an officer having to loose of a round (or two) in taking on a lethal force threat. Capping an offender in our Emergency Room for instance bothers me. It's a heavily packed area with patients, visitors and staff, the interior walls likely wouldn't stop a 9mm round, let alone the curtains that seperate treatment rooms. I see the dangerous potential of collateral casualties. Yet, just last year I had to confront a suspect carrying a loaded double barrel shotgun in our main hallway. I believe the advantage I had is coming out a side corridor so close to him that it surprised us both, with me gathering my wits faster and taking control over the shotgun before he could consider any action. Not something I like.

          In all honesty, having been fully trained in prior work to use firearms, I would have drawn on him and taken him down following "felony stop" procedures. I didn't have that choice - and honestly, it scared hell out of me.

          Arming an officer is just one aspect of the issue. When and where to deploy these armed officers is another.

          I would never want to be armed in a bank. Hell let them have the money - it's insured. The majority of robberies I recall reading about do not result in weapons injuries to the people inside during the robbery.
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