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    Anyone have any info on this company?

    Pros & Cons?

    Craigslist Posting:


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    I have seen their guys downtown and have talked to a few in passing. The ones I encountered were very squared away. Everyone I have seen is armed and well equipped. Their office is right down the street from one of the accounts I work at. I don't know anymore, hope that helps.
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      I can' t say I have ever come across any of them. I recall reading something about them in the PDB minutes, but I can't recall what it was regarding. If Minneapolis Security is saying they seem squared away, then I would trust his judgement.
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        Don't we have someone on this forum who works for them?

        Edit: nevermind I think I got them confused with Badge714's company.
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          Never heard of them till you mentioned them Yang. The only security I've had dealings with at the hospital were Akal (freaky guy swore up and down he was a federal agent), and another company from somewhere way out in the sticks that was just sitting on a prisoner for some po-dunk county sheriff's department that wouldn't send one of their own deputies.
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