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  • EMTGuard
    Good luck with you job hunt.
    I've attended a job fair at a hospital and this morning I got a call from a chemical plant just 5 miles down the road wanting me to show up for an interview tommorrow. Seems they like the resume I faxed them this weekend. I'm not going to commit to the first thing which comes along. The hospital and plant jobs are In-house security. There are at least 2 contract security companies hiring for posts within 10 minutes driving time and are paying the same as I'm getting now. I can afford to take my time, look around and accept the right job.

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    Guest started a topic My Turn

    My Turn

    Ok...EMTGuard posted for reviews on his resume. Mine is terrible as it is just in its infant stages, never really needed one. Would anyone mind giving it a quick glance? I'll shoot it over in a PM I guess or copy and paste it on here later. I am trying to get it all updated and such for future job opportunities.

    Thanks Guys