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    G'day all, I just thought I would post a rant on employment applications and importances of selling yourself as the best person for the job. This is as a result of EMT's desire to improve his resume and show employers the man behind the cooking skills. EMT is very highly qualified and would really standout here but alas he lives too far away but here's hoping that some lucky employer will reward him for his qualifications, experience and culinary wisdom.

    So as the top of the pyramid in the division, I am the one who does the hiring and firing (none of that for 2 years) so have reviewed the resumes of over 600 DC Security applicants with less 5% being interviewed this week. So what prompted me to interview this many ?

    1. Good cover letter which explains to me WHY I should read your resume
    2. Current resume` which shows me everything is current (should be done by you every 3 months) including new updated certificatons etc.
    3. SPELLING - use spell checker (its free and worse when you live in Australia and see American spelling used in the whole resume.
    4. NO BS rule because you will be caught out
    5. Be prepared if you quote "I worked with NRM_Oz" that you are going to be checked up on in passing
    6. Referees are current, have been sourced and are people whom know you
    7. Keep it simple and a summary of qualifications is fine (ie. EMT's FEMA stuff)
    8. Remember that HR may often review your application and these people share a brain so need to have it in english not too much jargon
    9. If you have a cell phone (lose the humour voicemail as I would forget your application for this.
    10. Lastly follow a known CV format - nothing fancy - choose a legible font size 12 and make it simple in point form describing your job (max 4 pages).

    Lastly, helping EMT out, I found this site which I believe will be more help to our US and Canuck colleagues but has alot of great information for all of us. Most companies now run their applicants through a HR Officer and if youwant to stand out from the crowd you need to sell yourself.

    No offense but $5.00 / hr to $15.00 / hr could be all a matter of selling your resume and yourself to those potential employers. Best of Luck !!
    "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer" Sun Tzu