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    Company in Wisconsin

    Originally posted by wisconsinite
    I already applied at Strategic Protection in January. They didn't hire me. Initial Security always has an ad in the paper, but they have nothing I feel I'd like, or excel at. I worked for them also, back in 1998. Given my "rehire" status, I'd be given "preferential treatment". But now they're wasting my time. As far as Loomis Fargo goes, I do not want to carry a sidearm. Too much risk and liability. Plus getting firearm certified is a hassle, considering the pay differences arent that great.
    Hey Wisconsinite, have you tried Per Mar Security? They are based in Davenport, Iowa but have fairly extensive operations in Wisconsin. They are a class outfit. Here is a link to their website:
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    Dickinson Security Management Group, LLC
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      Originally posted by dla4122
      No weapons? What about on transport, medical runs, court dates? No Carry on Person Chemical Agents?
      The sheriff's union prevents non-sworn personnel from doing those duties. It cuts into the deputy's overtime and cuts jobs for deputy sheriffs. Kenosha County Corrections wants deputy status to transport prisoners, and the deputy union is bitterly against it - it will mean less overtime potential for sworn deputies.

      There are deputies in the correctional facilities, very few, for when something happens and a law enforcement officer is needed. In the jail intake, its a Deputy Sheriff doing the booking processing. The jailers are merely there to run the jails.

      The WPPA (Police Union) has been lobbying for Wisconsin State Prison Guards to be placed in the "protective services occupation" definitions for the state pension plan. In other words, state prison guards are not law enforcement or peace officers and do not collect LE pensions or disability. Worker's Comp only.
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        initial security

        I worked for initial in springfield illinois.what about their rehire policy.
        I had resign to move to arkansas,where i worked for burns international.
        So i have tried geting back with initial since coming back to illinois.
        but have not ben able to do so.


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          Originally posted by dla4122
          Ever thought about Corrections? Great job, benefits, and excitement.
          Sorry. I'm allergic to shanks.
          Security: Freedom from fear; danger; safe; a feeling of well-being. (Webster's)


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            I hear ya, they kinda make me break out in little red oozing dots. So I avoid them as much as possible.