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  • Opinions on LinkedIn?

    Just curious what people think. My network is small, and most of the people in it are not in this industry. My personal opinion from what I've seen is that it probably works best for sales / marketing professionals and IT people. I've thought about dropping it a couple of times, but I don't want to get nicked for not having an internet presence, which is a thing.

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    It’s all about networking. I use it.


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      I think Soper hit the nail on the head, Condo. It seems like it's a great tool for those who utilize networking in their

      professional or personal lives. I remember signing up for it years ago, but I've never used it.
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        I agree, it's awesome for networking and it's a good idea to keep it updated as I have had several prospective employers look at my profile. I will also look at the profiles of companies and their representatives to get an idea of who they are and what they're about.