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    I am hiring two guards to fill a full time graveyard shift and a full time day/swing shift in downtown Seattle. The site is a large hospital complex with 5 buildings. Send me a PM for more information if you are interested in doing security with a great team in a hospital environment with advancement potential. Security experience is a plus but not required.

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    Security jobs in USA

    My good friends.

    I am sorry if I did make some mistakes here on this site by sending my reply reg. jobs in Seattle and Security jobs in USA. I just put my reply here because I did not se any Web page or E-mail address to sending my reply.

    If I did something wrong here then I am very sorry about that. No hard feelings I hope.

    Take care everyone

    Einar Haraldsson
    Protection Specialist.
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      Alright... This needs to stop.
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        Maybe he's just confused about where to post this?
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          I know Einar means well, but that is what PMs and emails are for.
          Enjoy the day,