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retired police commader looking

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  • Mr. Security

    What police department did you retire from?

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  • SecTrainer
    Good luck in your search, Commander!

    While you're doing that, since security is a very different domain from public policing, as I learned when I made the transition, here are some references you might want to add to your library and skim, at least:

    1. Measuring Security Performance and Productivity - Richard Cole

    2. Security Operations Management - Robert McCrie

    3. Protective Security Law, 2nd Ed. - Inbau, Farber & Arnold

    4. Security and Loss Prevention - Philip P. Purpura

    5. The Design and Evaluation of Physical Protection Systems - Mary Lynn Garcia

    6. Security Metrics Management - Kovacich and Halibozek

    7. Corporate Security Administration and Management - Barefoot and Maxwell

    8. Rethinking Corporate Security in the Post 9/11 Era - Dennis Dalton

    9. Principles of Security Management - Brian Johnson

    10. Practical Security Training - Patrick Kane

    ...and, of course, be sure you're really, really up on the laws of Illinois regarding security services.

    Security is a business, first and foremost, whether it's an independent agency or a department within a larger organization, so I would also strongly recommend some business management reading such as:

    1. The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Finance for Nonfinancial Managers - Robert Cooke

    2. Market Leadership Strategies for Service Companies - Terrill & Middlebrooks

    3. The Unnatural Act of Management - Everett Suters

    ...and the like.

    Again - best wishes!
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  • rickm
    started a topic retired police commader looking

    retired police commader looking

    hi, retired police commander from chicago area looking for management, training position in the chicago area. Can provide resume details. etc. thank.s.