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    What possible keywords should we use in a resume when applying online so that a "search" will include our resume?
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    I am assuming your looking to apply for a very large private company or government (state / federal) that uses non-human screen /prescreen process's. Many smaller Co's ones dont, with them its really a matter of getting a bored HR rep, who has the time to read thru & better yet, understand whats on your res/app.
    The best thing to do for a computer prescreen format, is use the keywords that might already be listed in the job discription, duties or qualification requirements, provided you meet such. This is important, because the job ad is written in company jargon by someone in the company & normally approved by someone other then the person writting it. So words may differ from what me or you use to discribe the same darn things, use the company jargon always, unless there is none present, in which case you will need to use normal terms associated with the industry.
    (ie: " Certified with 3 mil SCU Aerosol Chemical Irritant Deterant w/ a 10 Meter Conical Fog Pattern w/ UV Post Deployment Apprehension Assist Dye" ...may sound real cool, but "Certified with Pepper Spray / O.C." maybe better understood & appreciated)
    Keywords maybe slightly hidden, in that you can overlook obvious ones just in the process of reading the text as you would anything else. With practice you can learn to quickly see what is a keyword & what is meaningless text.
    A good way to start, is by removing all text from the listing, that is NOT an action word, title, qualification or discription,(verbs & nouns) your keywords will then most likely all be in that group of unremoved text. Copy & paste the entire job listing into a word document/notepad format & delete usless text, whats left is whats usefull & most likely the needed keywords you can then re-insert into your app/res as they apply.
    At the gov level, you will need to normally also utilize KSA's (knowldge, skills & abilities) where you can "stack" multiple related keywords,peppered in throughout your app/res & often repeatedly, as well as additional job related/specific jargon in amongst the text. These keywords in your KSA's are what will get scanned & used to see if you meet minimal required JEP's (Just Enough to Pass) before anyone ever screens your app/resume for things like experience level, current status, etc. where it gets passed on to the next phase. The goal of all KSA's is not to get the job or to recite your life history or all the bad guys you collared, but to get past the prescreen process, where eventually down the line, your app/res gets into the hands of a real human, who then makes the decision to move you forward, usually to the interview stage. This is just a general way of how it works, every Co's Dept & Agentcy is slightly different, but if they use the computer prescreen, this will certainly get your past it in most cases.
    Its not something that you can get right, right away, it takes practice, or someone helping you who has the practice already, but once you get it down, it will become pretty easy & you'll notice progress in yoru job search.
    I hope I helped some.
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      To what Eric wrote, let them know you are a people person. Emphasis on Mission, Your co-workers and then yourself. That will let them know you are a "team player" without using that worn out term.
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