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    I have recently joined this forum. I will cut straight to the point. I am not embarrassed to look for jobs in any such forums. If we are embarrassed amoungst ourselves, then we have a problem. I shall just post the fact that I am relocating to the Virginia area by the end of December 2006. I have a home together with my wife in Fairfax County Virginia. Worked in New York Security Industry (Commercial) 10+ years. I have attached an outline about myself and am requesting if my fellow professionals in this forum could pass the information around or any ideas as to organizations (Private Commercial Contracts) that could use my services.

    I am an excellent assistant to any one who wishes to develope and promote their private security training programs within their organization. I come highly recommended as well !!!.

    My professional background reflects a wide range of experience and achievements in private security guard service training.

    If you are looking for a person who can instantly adapt to your organization you need look no further. If you need a person who is innovative, you have found that person. I am the ideal person when it comes to the private security guard industry. My innovative ideas for imparting education and training to security guards after their formal in class instruction in the most cost effective manner, is second to none. I have developed courses to provide motivation for the security officers and I have the ability to instill in officers the level of professionalism that a security guard service business needs in order to respond to the demands of the client.

    My appreciation for contributing and being a part of a team is a part of my management style. I understand cultural diversity in the work place, and as such can empathize with all people from all walks of life. I believe I am an ideal fit for the position. My resume demonstrates my ability to produce improve worker quality and productivity, and increase employee satisfaction and retention - skills that are especially important considering the nature of today's competitive business in the security industry.

    Based upon my solid work history, I am confident I will be able to make an immediate and positive impact as a member in your organization. I am a team player. I love the work that I do. I enjoy every minute of it. I believe in moving always towards professionalism. That is my motto. The reason is that the more one advances, one finds out that there is always one more step - one more step that could make it better.

    OK, so you have read something about me. If you wish to learn more about me kindly email me your organization website and email address and I would be happy to send you my professional training background.

    Yes, I have explored all the other avenues as well for job search. This is just one more I am trying. I like to work in Small to Medium size organizations that are growing or expanding or that wants to go 'one more step' forward in their business development.

    OK, so now I have done what I said I wanted to do.

    I thank you all for at least reading this message and would appreciate any help you might wish to swing towards my direction.

    I would be interested in areas of Washington D.C., Reston Virginia, Silverspring Maryland area. I know I cannot be picky about my work locations, but this is only given as general information. Within the reach of the metro public transportation is good, but not an essential element.

    Once again thanks to all who will assist and even for those who might wish me well and for those who may also wish to keep me in their prayers or postive toughts.

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    I always move Towards Professionalism, because there is always one more step.

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    Sorry. You're overqualified and your writing skills are superb.
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      If you will email your resume to me at [email protected], I will see what I can do to help you.
      Richard Dickinson
      Dickinson Security Management Group, LLC
      DSMG Provides a Variety of Software Products and Consulting Services to the Contract Security Industry


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        Many thanks for your offer. I have forwarded to you my resume as requested.

        I realise that there is no promise, but still, I appreciate your offer.

        I always move Towards Professionalism, because there is always one more step.


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          Are you interested in a Directors Position? Drop me a PM, and if you dont mind our corporation has alot of openings on the East coast!
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