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    I got an interview for a security officer position tomorrow morning. I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice? Im assuming a security job interview would be quite different from a medeocre jobs interview. What types of things will they be asking?

    Thank you.

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    I'm no expert. It also depends on what position your applying for, employers look for certain traits specific to each.. Armed, static, patrol, executive protect, warm body O&R only, 1st responder,etc., They are all slightly different.
    From my past LEO interviews & oral boards,
    *The key to all, is to remain calm & confident, even if they purposly try to push your buttons..which they may do.
    *Dress nice, a clean & pressed business suit, shined shoes,etc is never out of fashion. Dont over due the body spray / aftershave.
    *Take a second or three before you answer a question, this allows you a moment to accuratley answer & it demonstrates that you clearly think about things before randomly reacting. Try not to 180 flip your answers, answer correctly & stick with that answer..even if they act as though it was the worst thing they ever heard, this is a common tactic used in LEO oral boards, to see if your solid in your knowledge & decisions, or if you can be sways to change them under pressure (very bad). If you answered wrong, then you answered wrong, better luck next time.
    *A nervous, figgety, overly passive - ie: (yes Sir, no Sir, sorry Sir, can I clean your shoes please Sir, while I'm down here..blah,blah), weak person will not come acrossed as a strong hire least for most Co's.
    *Be your professional self, a little (appropriate) humor doesnt hurt most times, shows your just a regular guy & not overly stressed by things,.. like an interview.
    *Try to address your interviewer by last name & title (ie: Capt. Smith, LT. JerkMeOff,..whatever) They are used to being addressed in that manner & it places you on slightly more equal footing during consideration. You really want to come acrossed a real person, well suited for the job, just like them.
    *Dont oversell, its not a SWAT / SRT team slot, but dont sell yourself short, if you have related talents, make sure you exemplify those, but be humble about it. Ie: Your eagle scout merit badge 10yrs ago, might be a great honorable thing with good skill development, but its nothing they would want to hear about for 7-8 minutes.
    *Do your homework on the company & its clients, know something about any question pertaining to what they do or who they serve, should you be asked.
    **Real important, if you dont know the answer to something asked, state that honestly, trying to fudge, outright lie or seriously sidestep a question, any question, will show a serious charactor flaw.
    *Feel free to ask questions when appropriate, alot of employers will ask you at the end of the interview if "you have anything to add or ask us"..dont pass this up, even if all you do is aks about what to expect next in the process or confirm what you know to come next, it shows interest in the process & again, the ability to openly converse.
    Do not ask how you did right then & there, you will find out soon enough.
    *At the end, take a moment to gather your self & anything you brought (like a portfolio, pen/paper), be sure to thank your interviewer(s), when you go to leave, be sure to replace your chair, close the door behind you if it was prior to your entry, little crap like that goes along way, versus sprinting from the office, leaving 1/2 your crap behind & things un-tidy..its normal to want to "hurry and get out", slow down just a little.
    I hope this helps, remember if you dont get this job, there are always others out there & its good practice for next time. Take it lite & goods luck!
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      It really depends on the company. Most companies will give you an application, you will fill it out, you will be told "you're hired," and you will be given a uniform and instructions on how to get to your new job assignment that day.
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